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Refurbished golf carts

Golf Cart Services specialise in refurbished golf carts that are good as new. Refurbished golf carts offer significant savings over new ones.

Used golf carts are typically traded in by buyers looking for a new cart. They are sold as is, with no modifications to the batteries, wiring, seats, or body.

When Golf Cart Services receives a golf cart for refurbishing, we strip them down to its frames and give them a deep-cleaning wash.

Then we fit them with new tyres, brakes, batteries, back seat, charger, seat covers, extended top, lights, and a custom paint job for an almost brand-new golf cart for half the price. In addition, we provide one-year parts and labour warranty on the refurbished golf cart.

Some of the changes Golf Cart Services implement for refurbished golf carts include:

Replacing the golf cart batteries.

If necessary, replacing the windshield and add mirrors.

Installing headlights and taillights.

Fitting new tyres and hubcaps.

Changing the battery charge indicator.

Recovering, repairing, or replacing seats.

Checking the wiring and replacing it if necessary.

Mounting a new extended golf cart top.

Replacing the body.

Offering a privacy key.

Contact Golf Cart Services for details

Golf Cart Services sells new, used, and refurbished golf carts. Get in touch with a representative at your nearest branch today for more information.